Monster School - Minecart Race! RIP Herobrine's Balls - Minecraft Animation

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    Monster School - Minecart Race, RIP Herobrine's Balls - Minecraft Animation

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    School is back on and things get a little crazy! Enjoy!


    Tim - Skeleton
    Ajax - Wither Skeleton
    Ironmouth - Iron Golem
    Jack - Zombie
    Harry - Spider
    Sssid - Creeper
    Portul - Enderman
    Artaz - Bat
    Claw - Enderdragon
    Frosty - Horse
    Slime - Slimmy

    Steve Rig - VMComix
    Rigs - July Wisteria
    Most of the Other rigs by (and edited by me) - rymdnisse(dot)net/downloads/minecraft-blender-rig(dot)html

    Music from Epidemic Sound (

    Of course: Originally inspired by Willcraft

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